Plein Air at Corktown Commons

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

After a scary/rainy Monday, our plein air group had a great day to paint at Corktown Common, close to the Distillery District. Five artists painted with pastels, watercolour and oils and sketched happily on a sunny end-of-summer day.



Plein Air at High Park

(Submitted by Karin Fediw/Wally Lush)

There were lots of people at High Park, but the DVAC plein air painters were able to find each other and enjoy a hearty breakfast or treats at the café before heading out. There was a lot to choose from, including ponds, majestic trees and amazing floral displays.



Plein Air at Parkwood Estate

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

On August 7, 2018, 5 of our artists met at Parkwood Estate in Oshawa to paint on the grounds of this lovely home. The skies were initially threatening, but soon the heat and humidity took over as the sun came out. There were sketchers, watercolorists and oil painters and several
great studies were completed.



Plein Air at Bluffer’s Park

(Submitted by Lynn Pashleigh/Wally Lush)

A group of intrepid DVAC artists met at Bluffer’s Park to enjoy the sun, the warmth the Bluffs and the company. It was a productive day, with no sunburn and few annoying bugs.

Plein Air at James Gardens

(Submitted by Karin Fediw/Wally Lush)

There was a great turnout for the plein air event in south Etobicoke. Ten painters were present, as well as three non-painters who were there for moral support. It was nice to see some new members. The weather was warm and sunny, and a few of us had lunch together in the pagoda at the top of the hill. There were watercolourists, sketchers, oil and acrylic painters. A little bit of everything!