Vera Bobson – Friday Night Guest October 4, 2019

(Submitted by Brent Arlitt)

On Friday Oct, 4 Vera Bobson demonstrated her unique method of producing beautiful abstract paintings. Her vibrant and colourful works are painted on full sheets of 200 lb paper. Vera applies green painters tape to the paper outlining the hard edge forms which are then painted using watercolour paint from tubes. Using a mixing pan, she chooses her colours, mixing them to suit her vision of the completed painting, then with a damp Bristol brush, scrubs the paint into the paper. Pulling off the tape as the work progresses, Vera examines the effect of each application of colour to decide whether to add more, or let the work be finished. Vera is an elected member of OSA, CSPWC, SCA, CFS,  and TWS.  
Check out Vera’s web page to watch a short demonstration of her process. It is truly unique,

Plein Air at James Gardens – Oct. 6, 2019

(Submitted by Karin Fediw/Wally Lush)

This was the last, official session of Plein air for the season. It had rained in the morning, but the weatherman assured us that there would be no rain at 10 am when we met. And he was right! The sun even broke out for a while, while ducks, geese, goldfish, dragonflies, chipmunks kept us company at James Gardens.

Zoey Zoric – Friday Night Guest Sept. 20, 2019

(Submitted by Ellen Sieniewicz)

DVAC Friday night speakers series launched its 2019/2020 club season last evening with the very engaging Zoey Zoric! Zoey is an oil painter who included time lapse videos, her plein air kit, and gorgeous samples of her work in her presentation. She also shared some of her creative process that no one is usually allowed to see (thanks Zoey!). Tips from Zoey include among others: vertical palette (!); Gamblin solvent-free gel; Princeton brushes (oooh); compact mirror; rath’s pr 88; make-up brush holder; Gamblin, Kama, Williamsburg; safflower oil; “guest star” King’s Blue; removing varnish & Gamsol (eek!), and anatomy. Check out more of Zoey’s work at And finally, a big thank you to Zoey, to Above Ground Art Supplies, and to Williamsburg for their generosity in supplying attendees with gifts to take away! A terrific first Friday night!

Plein Air at The Guild Inn – Sept. 10, 2019

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

On September 10 a group of artists met at The Guild Inn in Scarborough to paint in the lovely park filled with a profusion of flowers and many architectural remnants. It was a perfect day, sunny but not too warm.

Plein Air at High Park – August 18, 2019

(Submitted by Karin Fediw/Wally Lush)

Despite the promise of showers and thunderstorms, more than half a dozen showed up in High Park. Painters were found all around the park restaurant, painting trees and flowers. It was a milder day than expected, with a lot of people in the park.