Clarence Porter – Friday Night Guest – March 15, 2024

Clarence Porter – Friday Night Guest – March 15, 2024

(Submitted by Nora MacPhail)

First, Clarence Porter presented a fantastic coherent slide show, showcasing his many artistic styles. He took us on a journey as a young Indianapolis student encouraged to do art to Toronto where he worked steadily for 30 years as a commercial illustrator and teacher at Sheridan College, to his present day home in Hamilton, where he creates beautiful vibrant pastels. Clarence has been in many group shows, solo shows and Pastel Societies of Canada.

Then the demo! Clarence first puts 4 values of pastel onto his UArt 400 paper which is sanded to allow for many layers. Then rubbing alcohol is brushed on to fix the pastel and left to dry. Clarence then reviews his array of pastel colours of many different brands selecting his limited palette. He only blends skies and water while other elements, like tree branches, are ‘cut out’ with short confident strokes. And of course he creates ‘sky holes’. Magical! Avoiding fixative since it darkens the colours Clarence simply frames his paintings behind glass and off to the gallery it goes.

Thank you Clarence for a fulfilling informative slide show and demo!

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