Sharon Kirsh – Friday Night Guest – March 8, 2024

Sharon Kirsh – Friday Night Guest – March 8, 2024

(Submitted by Marilyn Walsh)

Sharon Kirsh has created art since childhood.  She had tremendous success painting abstracts with cold wax and oil, selling both through galleries and on Instagram.  Sharon moved on to collage landscapes to bring back the joy in the art making process.

Her initial photo image may have no relationship to the final product but gives her a starting point for colour inspiration.  She doesn’t use pure colour out of a tube but blends colours, prints images and uses bits of magazine photos and paints a page with the colour ranges she wants in the image.  She paints and prints on tracing paper, deli paper, terra skin, Yupo, tissue paper and watercolour paper.  She separates this painting time from the time she collages.

Sharon starts by sealing her wood surface with GAC 100, then gesso, then a glaze.  She draws her image with a variety of tools: squares of coloured chalk, black wing pencil, Posca markers, Ink tense watercolour pencils continuing the image around the sides of the wood panel.

She uses tracing paper to experiment with adding details.  She then cuts out pieces of magazine images or parts of her page of colour ranges to add the details to the board.  Sharon uses an intuitive process for her placement of these bits of colour.

Kirsh uses matte medium as an adhesive.  Tearing off pieces of paper she has glued down.  She tries to use minimal water to reduce any wrinkling of the paper.  If the surface becomes rough, she sands the surface.