Friday Night – Tips & Tricks – March 1, 2024

Friday Night – Tips & Tricks – March 1, 2024

(Submitted by Marilyn Walsh)

Ann Fountain: 

Cleaning your watercolour palette:  Some watercolours will stain, so she uses olive oil to wipe away the stain and then washes the palette with dish soap.  Sometimes she says you need to let the oil sit. See attached photo

Jo Baumann: 

She uses Murphy Oil soap to clean rock hard brushes.  Let them soak in a container filled just below the ferrule on the brush and rinse and the acrylic paint dissolves.

              She uses Mr Clean Magic Eraser to remove paint from a painting.  You can remove an entire section if you tape around the section and rub with the eraser.  The eraser can be cut into any shape you need.

Sylvia Le Roy:

              Winsor Newton brush remover will clean hard oil brushes.  You can dab it on clothing with a Qtip to clean them.

Katherine Bellamo: 

Gac 100 Primer and Extender can be painted on the edge of the painters tape around your canvas paper to seal the edge.  Use a dime sized amount and a ratty brush to apply.  Photos of the effect with or without the sealant were shown.

In a course, Katherine had been encouraged to buy a very expensive and hard to clean wedge.  She now uses a more flexible and adaptable yogurt container lid cut to the size she needs to swipe paint on the the surface.

Maria Iva

              She has posted on her Instagram account,, a stop motion video of how she creates a painting.

Ava Goodman created a slide show on budget travel tips for artists

See attached photos.