Plein Air at Kew Gardens – August 6, 2019

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

Several artists gathered on a muggy morning at Kew Gardens anticipating a pleasant morning painting people, trees and the flowers that were in full bloom. Only to watch in dismay as a torrential downpour washed paintings right off the canvas and paper! Dedicated plain air artists would have carried a giant umbrella and carried on. Most of us ran home, soaking wet.

Plein Air at John Polanyi Collegiate – July 22, 2019

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

PACT Grow-to-Learn (GTL) teaches schools and communities about food and gardening. It feeds families and seniors in low-socioeconomic areas. It creates safe green spaces for pollinators and it transforms communities. This group was kind enough to allow 12 of us to invade their garden behind John Polanyi Collegiate to spend a few hours painting surrounded by growing veggies, flowers and a multitude of butterflies. It was a perfect day in a lovely, welcoming space.

Plein Air at Sunnyside Pavilion – July 9, 2019

( Submitted by Carolyn Shushelski/Wally Lush)

To the east the Toronto skyline provided a striking background.  In a small cove white swans basked in the sunshine and ducks floated peacefully along the water’s edge.  Sunbathers relaxed on the sandy beach, children paddled on the lake in their brightly coloured canoes, and others leisurely strolled along the boardwalk. 

It was an enjoyable day at Toronto’s vibrant lake shore!

Plein Air at Grange Park – June 23, 2019

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

Grange Park had a variety of things to paint and see. There were fountains, wading pools, fascinating old trees, sculpture, and even an old ruin of a church. Half a dozen people made the trek down and were delighted  to see such a variety of choices. The day was  warm and sunny, but there was a cool breeze that kept everyone happy.

June Plein Air at Wards Island – June 11, 2019

(Submitted by Wally Lush)

The ferry, like time, waits for no man it seems. Missed the one I wanted to take to Centre Island and walked to meet everyone – and walked, and walked. Got to the Sunshine Center for Seniors and had a much needed coffee then scouted painting locations. I missed the gang that was there – 5 more I hear. But they had a successful day at least. Better luck next time.