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Friday Night with Michele Van Maurik – May 25

(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller) From Van Gogh to O’Keefe, painting flowers has been a popular subject for centuries, and Michele Van Maurik has mastered the replication of nature’s magnificence. The progeny of artistic Dutch parentage, Michele has been creating art

Guest Artist Janet Read – Friday April 13, 2018

{submitted by Brent Arlitt} Janet Read does not work from plein air studies nor from photographs, but internalizes the landscape as she views it. Her color-saturated work has an aura of mystery. Janet paints on canvas, board and Mylar (also called Dura-lar), using

Friday Night with Ernie Francis – March 16

(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)                 Ernie Francis is not only a talented artist but an eloquent speaker. Sharing his journey from his place of birth in Indonesia to his final destination, Canada, Ernie showed

Friday Night with Victoria Wallace – March 9

(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)             Victoria Wallace has an impressive CV and a list of exhibitions longer than your arm, but what is most impressive is her signature technique she has taught at Haliburton School of

Friday Night with Ted Hamer – March 2

        (Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)                                                                  Ted Hamer brought something new and different to the March 2nd Friday Night Club and it appeared to amuse, entertain and inspire our group. As an artist/educator and OCAD graduate currently