Category: DVAC Workshop

Weekend Workshop with Artist Margaret Ferrara

{submitted by Christine Hanson and photo by Louise Spiritcougar Lefebvre} The “Introduction to Pastels” workshop began with Margaret giving us a thorough explanation of different materials for pastel and why some are much better than others. Then she demonstrated various

Weekend Workshop with Artist Laura Culic

{Submitted by Eva Johnson who also organized the workshop} On Nov. 4 and 5, Laura Culic led us in our first workshop of the year. Fifteen fortunate participants learned how to mix cold wax with oil paint to create layer

DVAC Workshop with Brian Smith – March 2015

Photos provided by Elizabeth Johnston. Professional artist Brian Smith conducted a 2 day workshop on painting the portrait using the Zorn palette. By utilizing this very limited palette, the decisions around colour, intensity and value become much simpler.

Non-Objective Painting Workshop with Bianka Guna

Photos from the wonderful Bianka Guna non-objective painting workshop. Photos courtesy of DVAC member Eva Johnson.         

Weekend Workshop with Joan McGivney

{Text and photos courtesy of Brent} The first DVAC workshop of the 2014/15 year was held on Saturday and Sunday November 22 and 23, 2014. The workshop, led by Joan McGivney taught club members about an easy way to transfer