Weekend Workshop with Joan McGivney

{Text and photos courtesy of Brent}

The first DVAC workshop of the 2014/15 year was held on Saturday and Sunday November 22 and 23, 2014. The workshop, led by Joan McGivney taught club members about an easy way to transfer photos to the canvas. The photo is incorporated into a painting such that the photo appears to be part of the painting. The workshop, organized and hosted by Larry Mcgill was very successful, and every one of the nine participants was able to generate at least 2 paintings over the weekend that they would be proud to display. We all very much enjoyed the weekend and would like to thank Larry and Viola Visnjevac for their hard work, organization and thoughtful addition of food and drinks during the weekend session.

JoanMcGivneyWorkshop1 JoanMcGivneyWorkshop3

JoanMcGivneyWorkshop4 JoanMcGivneyWorkshop2