Weekend Workshop with Artist Laura Culic

{Submitted by Eva Johnson who also organized the workshop}

On Nov. 4 and 5, Laura Culic led us in our first workshop of the year. Fifteen fortunate participants learned how to mix cold wax with oil paint to create layer upon layer of colour and texture. Laura compared her paintings to archeology as she scratched into the surface unearthing the beautiful colours that revealed themselves. There is always an element of surprise in this method of painting.

Laura showed us how to apply paint with wax paper, and how to use a bowl scraper, brayer, sticks, combs and many other devices to discover the hidden underlayers of paint. Our artists used their own creative juices to paint abstracts, landscapes, flowers etc. We went beyond our comfort zones and were all greatly inspired.

Laura was a very generous, inspiring, talented artist who shared her enthusiasm for her medium with all of us grateful artists.