Plein Air Painting Workshop with John David Anderson

{article submitted by Brent Arlitt, photos by Brent Arlitt and Eva Johnson]

John David Anderson conducted a Plein Air painting workshop for interested members of the Don Valley Art Club on the weekend of June 7 and 8, 2014. The workshop was conducted at Sunnybrook Park on Day 1 and at Todmorden Mills on Day 2. We had perfect weather and a variety of subjects for which we attempted to capture painterly impressions. Most participants painted 3 paintings, after which, we had friendly critiques and discussions.

John emphasized the essentials of good simple composition, a range of values, complementary colours with a balanced palette to arrive at a good impressionist painting from a rapidly changing landscape, as experienced on a typical day.

All participants enjoyed the educational experience, the exchange of ideas and the social interaction that helped to further their painting capabilities.

Thanks to the members of the Workshop Committee for arranging this enjoyable outing.

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