Eva Folks – Friday Night Guest – February 25, 2022

Eva Folks – Friday Night Guest – February 25, 2022

( Submitted by Phillis J. Pollard)

Eva Folks is a Toronto Artist working full time from her home studio in Aurora, Ontario since 2011. She has exhibited and won awards for her paintings in Toronto and far beyond. She has also juried many art shows and gives workshops.

She enjoys exploring different mediums and techniques to create vividly coloured fantasy worlds of undulating buildings and whimsical animals that stimulate narrative and imagination.

She uses acrylic pours and a combination of aniline dyes and pours to create fanciful landscapes that intuitively guide her in the placement of buildings, spaceships and other fantasy elements. She also does realistic portraits of people and pets on top of her interesting poured backgrounds.

Eva graciously shared her materials and tools as well as recipes for mixing paints and additives to get the right consistency and weight for each colour in order to have predictable results. She does not use expensive pouring mediums or silicone, but creates her own mediums from white glue, water and rubbing alcohol. She weighs each ingredient for precision.

She then demonstrated two colourful pours for us: one that covered a square panel and a second partial pour that allowed the aniline dyed birch panel to show as well. 

Eva’s work can be seen at her website www.evafolksart.com where you can also sign up for one of her workshops on pouring and take your own journey into imagination.