Helen McCusker – Friday Night Guest – February 26, 2021

Helen McCusker – Friday Night Guest – February 26, 2021

(Submitted by Chris Luna)

Helen is a multi- media, multi talented artist with a keen eye for color and nature’s abstractions that she incorporates into her works in figurative and portrait drawing, origami and pop up paper sculptures and digital art.   She has had a life-long fascination for drawing and painting portraits and the human form that is the cornerstone of her regular art practice.  She also creates paper sculpture, a passion where she explores and expresses new ideas that intrigue her.

Helen is a graduate of Sheridan College and worked as a graphic designer.  She teaches classes and workshops throughout the GTA.

This evenings presentation started with a slide show of her work where she talked about her process and techniques.  Helen then demonstrated the use of SketchersPro, an app for iPads that she uses to create digital art.  Using this tool, she demonstrated how to explore adding texture, color, tone, highlights, tints, importing shapes, smudging and background to create imagery. 

She recommends the Print Shop at: http://www.artprinting.ca to have the finished work professionally printed.

She is currently teaching SketchersPro at Visual Arts Mississauga

You can find more of Helen’s work at:



Helen McCusker Artist on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Helen-Mc-Cusker-Artist-535895693150780

helen.mccusker on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/helen.mccusker/?hl=en

Thank you to Helen for an interesting and intriguing presentation.