Brian Harvey – Friday Night Guest – March 12, 2021

Brian Harvey – Friday Night Guest – March 12, 2021

(Submitted by Marilyn Walsh) Brian Harvey graduated with a BFA from OCAD after also attending Toronto School of Art, Sheridan College and my alma mater the Adult Art Program at Central Technical School.

Following the tradition of the 1800’s French Realism style, Harvey paints everyday people and everyday life.  He says “By painting something mundane it makes us look at it and see the beauty in it.” He tries to document our disappearing city by painting old diners, lane ways and old corner stores.

Harvey looks for the contrast between geometric architecture and the organic for value patterns and light sources.  In response to a member’s question he says he often increases the saturation of colours.  He uses the photo as a reference.


He will start out with a small painting to work out any issues of perspective or colour blocking.  

Harvey sets the grid on Photoshop to show the horizon line and the rule of thirds.  He places his computer screen next to his cradled panel with a large glass palette underneath.  

His demonstration for DVAC started with a dry, very detailed underpainting with the darkest darks and the lightest lights in place.  He painted the darks in broad strokes where ever needed across the entire canvas.  Next he blocked in colour and then worked towards the highlights.  He has a gestural, painterly approach.