Friday Night with Ted Hamer – March 2





(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)                                                                 

Ted Hamer brought something new and different to the March 2nd Friday Night Club and it appeared to amuse, entertain and inspire our group.

As an artist/educator and OCAD graduate currently teaching at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in Scarborough, Ted has worked in a variety of mediums; oils, pastels, sculpture and as a muralist.  His love for wildlife has led him to become an accomplished pet/wildlife portraitist and sculptor. Ted’s favorite sculpting medium is polymer clay, specifically Sculpey.  It is a product that is available in most art supply stores and comes in a variety of colours and remains fairly pliable until baked in the oven.

Ted suggested that quick thumbnails of your desired outcome are a good idea, especially if you decide to sculpt a figure.  This drawing will be helpful when creating your armature. Selecting a base is important, and as it will have to be baked with the sculpture, a thick wooden base is recommended.  The wire for the armature can be aluminum or steel.  Both are available at Home Depot or sculpture supply stores.  Ready made armatures can also be had, but it is easier and cheaper to build your own and make it to your specifications.  Balls of aluminum foil can be used to fill out what are supposed to be larger areas, then covered with clay.

Ted recommends applying the clay in small balls and smoothing.  Although it can be applied to the armature in large sheets, one tends to spend more time spreading and smoothing than is necessary.  Depending upon the size of your figure the first layers can take many hours and then come the details.  Simple wooden sculpting tools that can be purchased at any art supply are recommended.  One can also purchase detailing tools that will be used for fine details, particularly faces, hair and clothing detail.

For Sculpey III, preheat to 275 degrees F (135 C). Bake for 15 minutes per quarter inch of thickness.  For example, a piece of 1/2″ thickness should be cured for 30 minutes.

Ted is currently working on a series of animal/human characters that he intends to mold and make copies for sale. Ted is a professional artist specializing in murals.  His company is called Cre8tive Painting.

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