Friday Night with Claudette Losier – February 2



(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)

Claudette Losier returned to the DVAC Friday Night Club with an intense presentation about her journey through the world of art.  She had previously demonstrated her use of print transfer in painting.

With a BFA in fine arts, Claudette started as a “feminist” artist, having been influenced by her instructors and working primarily in oil.  Like all practicing artists, she experimented and evolved.

Fascinated by florals, Claudette produced an array of luscious lilies, poppies and other garden delights, but found they did not sell well and moved onto an entirely new subject and style of painting.

The first big change was a move to acrylics, finding them faster drying and less toxic.  The second change was a move to abstraction.  Paying closer attention to value changes and shapes, Claudette has found great satisfaction in photographing and reproducing cityscapes

In a move to make original art more affordable, Claudette reproduces her art via acrylic photo transfers, which she sells for $60.  Better than a print and much appreciated by her customers.

You may see more of her work at