Friday Night Club February 15, 2019 – Gary Smith

(Submitted by Jessie Gordon)

Club Members enjoyed the presentation by Gary Smith, a successful Toronto painter who is widely shown with international commissions and sales. Gary described his career, his exhibitions, teaching and referred to many trips to teach and exhibit in China. His presentation for the evening was an introduction to an on-line course he is developing called There’s Magic in those Shadows, What do Professional Artists know about Shadows that I don’t? Gary showed slides that will be part of the course and demonstrated the effects of light and shadow on a sphere. He described the different types of shadow including Form, Core and Cast and described how colour is affected by light and shadow. Gary’s course will be available on the web site: soon.

Attendance was lighter than usual due to the buildup of ice on the sidewalks, but 25 members attended and really enjoyed the presentation. Thanks to Sylvia and many volunteers for a successful evening.