DVAC Printmakers’ Presentation – Friday, October 22, 2021

DVAC Printmakers’ Presentation – Friday, October 22, 2021

(Submitted by Iona Bertrand)

Susan Abbott introduced our own Printmakers’ Group and their techniques via an extremely well-documented and clearly illustrated power point presentation.  Susan Abbott, Theo McLaren and David Johns wanted to thank Sunrise Studios, who allowed the DVAC members to use the studio for filming this presentation at absolutely no charge. This made for a very clear, step-by-step introduction to, and demonstration of, every printmaking technique the members of the group have been using.

Susan mentioned the history of the Printmakers’ Group, started by Don Boutros in May 2012, thanks to the generous donation of an etching press by George Shane. Since then, the group grew and produced an amazing array of works in many varied techniques.

Each technique was discussed in detail by one of the members, with a short video, and illustrated ‘in action’ at every stage. This is how it went:

  • Silk Watercolour Monoprint – David Johns and Elizabeth Johnston
  • Lino Cuts and Stamps – Jessie Gordon, Hanifa Mamugee, Sally Williams, Susan Abbott
  • Gelli plate monoprints – Theo McLaren; gelli plate stencils – Jill Bethune-Williams 
  • Print weaving – Tina Papoutsis
  • Getting started: studio rules and practices for those who want to join – through Zoom until the DVAC studio re-opens.

Printmakers meet every Monday 4-7 pm – for now on Zoom.

This very well attended Friday Night occasioned a constant stream of questions and answers, and many members decided to take on experimenting with at least one of the printmaking techniques explained. The presentation was so successful, it was decided the power point will be put up on YouTube as a private video, for all DVAC members to peruse/ re-view at their leisure.

A truly inspirational evening, superbly well documented and presented! Thank you, Printmakers!