Vera Bobson  – Friday Night Guest October 4, 2019

Vera Bobson – Friday Night Guest October 4, 2019

(Submitted by Brent Arlitt)

On Friday Oct, 4 Vera Bobson demonstrated her unique method of producing beautiful abstract paintings. Her vibrant and colourful works are painted on full sheets of 200 lb paper. Vera applies green painters tape to the paper outlining the hard edge forms which are then painted using watercolour paint from tubes. Using a mixing pan, she chooses her colours, mixing them to suit her vision of the completed painting, then with a damp Bristol brush, scrubs the paint into the paper. Pulling off the tape as the work progresses, Vera examines the effect of each application of colour to decide whether to add more, or let the work be finished. Vera is an elected member of OSA, CSPWC, SCA, CFS,  and TWS.  

Check out Vera’s web page to watch a short demonstration of her process. It is truly unique.