JD Hawk – Friday Night Guest – November 17, 2023

JD Hawk – Friday Night Guest – November 17, 2023

(Submitted by Hanifa)

About JD Hawk

JD was born and raised in Winnipeg.  He is a Red River citizen and his parents are Métis.  His uncle is a famous artist – Armand J Paquette – a 93-year-old who recently passed away.

About his Art

He specializes in oil paintings primarily. And dabbles with other mediums too ranging from India Ink to digital art.  His artwork reflects his love of the outdoors, people and connection to his Métis heritage.

He has been commissioned nationally and internationally, with collectors worldwide, including Parks
Canada, Canada Games 2022, Festival du Voyageur, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Manitoba Métis Federation. 

How he became an artist

JD’s mom encouraged him to pursue visual art.  When he was young, he visited an art gallery where they were given some soapstone to carve.  That sparked the creative journey. He moved from carving to acrylics and charcoal work. Later learning how to use and mix oils.  Art became a hobby.

JD’s Journey

JD lost a good majority of his art work.  And one day lost everything.  He suffered from depression – ended up homeless.

Battling with “Why do something if you end up loosing it” and after a long time, he started to do art again.  It was a trip to Nova Scotia with his partner, when he met Maud Lewis.  Maud suffered hardship but still painted the joy in her life.  When JD returned to Winnipeg in 1999, he restarted painting. He has been painting ever since.  JD’s paintings tell stories – or convey a message.

We saw many of his paintings – each with a vibrant story that had an emotional connection and captured a moment that meant something.  Visit his website to see the vibrant colours and the masterful technique he has acquired – self taught.

Truth and Reconciliation coin

Royal Canadian Mint wanted to create a coin that captured the voices of the people to tell the story of truth and reconciliation.  They sought three artists to co-create the coin.  The artists were:  Jason Sikoak (Inuk), Leticia Spence (First Nations) and JD Hawk (Métis).  Each artist created a piece that represented their cultures through collaboration with people in community.  The coin was launched in 2022

Thank You JD for an amazing and engaging presentation.

JD Hawk Red River Métis Artist  https://jdhawkartstudio.com/