Friday Night with Marlene Bulas

{Submitted by Ingrid Mueller}


“Bright, joyous paintings” is how Marlene’s work has been described, and these adjectives describe both the art and the artist.  Although some of her work might be described as impressionistic, modern folk might be the appropriate genre for many of her landscapes.

As a featured artist for Ducks Unlimited in 2006 and 2014, Marlene spent some time talking about her experience as a featured artist and the benefits of such and encouraged DVAC members to enter to become one.  Although there is no payment or stipend involved, one does received a quantity of prints (after a year) and a huge amount of publicity and recognition, to which it is difficult to attach a value, but is enormous.  Further information can be found at the Ducks Unlimited website:

Marlene also showed a studio tour video which occurred locally, in her home town of Orillia, where she received approx. 500 visitors over a weekend.  She is a popular artist with numerous accolades to her credit.

Throughout Marlene’s demo, she provided a number of tips and suggestions to the group.  The painting she demoed, was based on one she had done previously, as she suggests we re-invent a current painting and create a series.  An excellent suggestion we can all benefit from

Her inspiration is drawn mostly from the part of Ontario where she grew up, lives and thrives, Orillia.  As a farm girl, her love and comfort comes from the countryside and the quaint towns and villages in the area.

This painting, Harold Wilson’s Red Truck was inspired by a song she was listening to while painting.

Working mostly in acrylic, Marlene works with a limited palette:  Quinacridone Magenta; Hansa Yellow; Phthalo Blue; Payne’s Grey; Unbleached Titanium; Cadmium Red (sometimes).

It was a great evening and we all appreciated Marlene’s work and cheerful outlook.

To view more of Marlene’s work visit: