Friday Night with Tim Packer

“It’s all about the work” — What it takes to build a successful art career with Tim Packer.

{submitted by Sylvia Le Roy}

It was a pleasure to spend a few hours with Tim Packer, renowned, internationally recognized, professional artist from Whitby, Ontario.

If it weren’t for our 10:00pm deadline we would have been there until the wee hours of the morning.

Tim gave a candid talk about his rise to success as an artist; he spoke of his victories and his failures. The insight he provided about the amount of work it takes to promote his art made our heads spin. With the help of his son, he has embraced the realm of social media and manufactures his own giclee prints.  He has reduced his reliance on galleries to display his art and is now exhibiting in just three galleries (down from twelve).”Why pay a gallery 50% of your revenue when you can do it yourself?” was a question Tim asked himself and he now enjoys an income of up to $250,000/yr.

Although Tim started and gained notoriety as a portrait artist in watercolour, he switched to oil after learning the market, generally, does not collect art in that media. He stresses that the first decision is to determine how to approach your art: is it a hobby? or is it a career? He stresses that “One must produce great work with a unique voice”. One must have technical ability as well as creativity, experience AND passion. When people have suggested he was born with a gift his response is “My gift is my passion”.

Tim’s journey has been one of pushing himself beyond his comfort zone, suggesting there are two modes in creating art.  The first is the Product mode where your painting turns out as expected and you remain in your comfort zone. The second is the Process mode where you don’t worry about the outcome; your goal is to try new things and enjoy the process.

Tim’s “unique style draws on the deep traditions of Canadian landscape painting while interpreting the world through a modern eye”. Tim has succeeded in “creating great work with a unique voice”.



Tim shared some individuals and publications who have both mentored and inspired him:

Zoltan Szabo:

Neville Clarke:

Lewis Lehrman – “Becoming a Successful Artist”:

Gary Vaynerchuck – “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: How to tell your story in a noisy social world”:

Frank Webb – “Strengthening Your Paintings With Dynamic Composition”:


To further appreciate Tim’s accomplishments and learn from his experience, you may check out his internet pages:

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