Friday Night Club, March 8, 2019 – Ingrid Mueller

(Submitted by Jessie Gordon)

Club member Ingrid Mueller presented the process of using plaster drywall compound to create relief for painting and bas relief works of art. Ingrid showed examples of paintings she has completed and described the process and the materials and tools she uses. She entertained the large audience assembled with her anecdotes of finding tools and materials at rock bottom prices at local stores. She always works on a hard surface, either wood or metal and applies a layer of compound that quickly becomes firm. The material can be carved or added to and is quite flexible in its uses. She demonstrated using various tools to create pattern and design on the image and even squeezed the material from an icing applicator to make spaghetti-like strips. The club members peppered Ingrid with questions ranging from where to get supplies, how to paint on the relief once it is complete and the archival permanence of the finished work. All enjoyed the presentation and look forward to trying it themselves and seeing Ingrid’s next work using this technique.

To see more of Ingrid’s work visit her website at: