Friday Night Club January 25, 2019 – Marjolyn van der Hart

(Submitted by Ingrid Mueller)

Marjolyn Van der Hart wasted no time launching into her collage demonstration. The results of her efforts are remarkable and Marjolyn has been successful in selling her work to a loyal following in Canada and throughout the USA via juried art fairs and shows.

She has been painting since 1988 and has a BA in Mass Communications as well as a residency in a New York Arts program. In the beginning she considered herself to be an impressionist painter who occasionally used tissue paper in her work. This soon transitioned to collage, using the resources of media involving classic films, vintage magazines and found photos, wallpapers and a variety of gift wraps and papers. Much of her work is nostalgic with themes of feminism, escape, yearning for love, etc. Once the background is in place she then adds to the narrative with surrealistic imagery to complete the scenario.

Marjolyn stressed that memories are triggered by images and patterns, hence she is always in search of vintage wallpapers and photos and other media to complete her work.

Wooden panels and substrates are recommended although supported canvas can be used. She coats the surface with modeling paste but said that glue and acrylic mediums can be used. Then she applies papers (tissue, wallpaper etc.) cut or ripped into assorted shapes using acrylic gel medium allowing it to dry thoroughly before the next step.

She will sometimes use acrylic transfers that she applies to a white surface (painting a portion of the surface with white acrylic paint).  Next, Marjolyn applies acrylic medium to the surface and the photo on both sides and allows it to dry.  She then sands of the papers/medium and VOILA! The image has transferred to the surface.

Depending upon the theme, Marjolyn will paint an image or use stencils to add to the narrative. Text, numbers or patterns can enhance a painting and give it personal relevance.

Marjolyn has a home studio but spends a good deal of her time on the road, sharing her talent with fans around the continent.  She seems to have a handle on art business and writes a blog regularly as well as being very active on social media. Perhaps a workshop about doing art business is in our future with Marjolyn.

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