First PA of 2016: PA-rfect

Fifteen Plein Air painters gathered at the Distillery District on Thursday May 19 and painted the different scenes (and partook of the culinary and other offerings) that the Distillery is well known for. Great weather, great scenes, great food, great company. Making up the DDistrict PArfect group were Judy McKenna, Nerissa Pineda, Eva Gerold, Dee Birchmore, Lynn Pashleigh, Irene Flint, Jay Flint, Georgia Bowen, Theo McLaren, Diane Arlitt, Brent Arlitt, Perry Chow, and Carolyn Pascoe.

Distillery-District-PA-May-19-14-P-2016-05-19-001-640x480 Distillery-District-PA-May-19-14-P-2016-05-19-007-640x480 Distillery-District-PA-May-19-14-P-2016-05-19-009-640x480 Distillery-District-PA-May-19-14-P-2016-05-19-010-480x640