David Shepherd – Friday Night Guest Jan. 31, 2020

David Shepherd – Friday Night Guest Jan. 31, 2020

David gave a very interesting, informative and timely illustrated presentation Friday night.
It was divided into 2 parts: the Art Market and a portraiture intro demonstration.

David specializes in Realistic Art. He mentioned that this art form is staging a comeback, and that presently he is entering some art markets in the US.

In discussing the Art Market in general, David showed recent examples of the various styles that have become popular. In discussing prices, he said the price of the art climbs as more people agree that the art is worth the higher price. Dealers and Auction Houses must believe in the artist, and this is followed by the speculation that the prices will rise. The price range may be $70–$300 million for established artists or $5–$20,000 for a mid-career artist.

David mentioned the various platforms that were available for the public to see art such as Art Fairs and Big Art Fairs (for galleries).

Presently 93% of art is bought online with the comeback of realism trending.

The second half of David’s presentation was a demonstration and discussion of the first steps for painting a portrait. His approach is: big to small, using straight lines, comparing main measurements (he uses a knitting needle), keeping the paint fairly thin and holding the brush loosely.

The entire presentation was very lively and enjoyable. It covered important details of the progression of the Art Market and how it functions and ending with a basic portrait outline, being a very good likeness of our volunteer, Karen.