David Langevin – Friday Night Guest – Sept. 29, 2023

David Langevin – Friday Night Guest – Sept. 29, 2023

(Submitted by Chris Luna)

David grew up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and in 1992 moved to Kamloops, B.C. where he finds endless inspiration for his paintings while hiking in the surrounding areas.  He was drawing and painting at 5 years old, developed a head for business and even sold some of his art work.  After high school he enrolled in the University of Ottawa Fine Arts program hoping to learn the techniques of the Old Masters that he admired but was disappointed in the methods taught at art school.  He then took a position at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and with access to the Archives and Conservation Library he poured over old texts, treatises, and manuscripts stored in the backrooms of art restoration departments and libraries reserved for conservationists where he found all the information he desired.  David obtained a Masters in Art Education degree from McGill University, specializing in methods and materials for the painter.

David gives lectures and presentations on painting and the art market, teaches, coaches and conducts workshops on painting materials and techniques. His paintings are sold in galleries across Canada.  He works in oil but do to lengthy drying time he now works 75% of the time in acrylics.  

For his zoom presentation David took us through his painting process using a sample landscape.  Starting with a Napthol Red as his under painting over a sketch he then applies a mid tone of purple tints going from light to medium to dark.  He then builds up his canvas using a raw umber and yellow oxide tint in selected areas then, on top of that, adds a yellow glaze and a blue glaze, then a transparent oxide glaze.  He adds the darkest values at the end.  This is a very involved process and the outcome is a vibrant and colorful landscape that David is known for.

His favored paints are Tri-Art and he has developed 2 paint sets for the company.  A Professional set and a Masters set, available through Tri-Art website:

David is a masterful artist and a very engaging speaker who gave us valuable information on creating colorful and rich landscapes.  We look forward to your workshop on Nov, 4th and 5th. Thank you David!

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