Chrissie Wysotski – Friday Night Guest – April 23, 2021

Chrissie Wysotski – Friday Night Guest –  April 23, 2021

(Submitted by Ioana Bertrand)

Last Friday, April 23, our guest CHRISSIE WYSOTSKI amazed the DVAC members with her demonstrations of original drawing techniques and expertise. After a rich presentation of some of her work – from illustrating children’s books to monochromatic portraits or still life – she explained some of the techniques she is teaching in her many courses.

She then proceeded to demonstrate such approaches as using mineral spirits [Taltine] to dissolve together a pencil drawing for a painterly effect, or using graphite powder to progressively sketch a portrait, later on refined with details – some highlighted with fine erasers [Tombow Mono 0 eraser] used to lift the graphite. She uses a variety of materials – you can find the complete list in the April 28 NewsBits issue – drawing with Staedtler and Blackwing pencils, graphite and charcoal powder, stumps [blenders] or ballpoint pens onto mylar or Stonehenge paper.    

Chrissie graciously shared little tricks, like sharpening a pencil tip on a scrap of sandpaper, covering part of a drawing with paper on which to rest her hand to avoid smudging, or rubbing the graphite powder into the paper with a cotton pad.

Her audience was spellbound by the variety and subtlety of the effects thus obtained. Thank you, Chrissie!

Originally from Vancouver, Chrissie Wysotski followed the Advanced Placement Art, then graduated from the Ontario College of Art’s Communication and Design program specializing in illustration. Chrissie has illustrated numerous books, and worked with a variety of clients since 1996 when she and her husband started their own commercial art company, Allure Illustrations. After years of working from her home studio and then at Whitby Station Gallery as part of their education team, Chrissie has gone back to her freelancing roots. As an arts educator she delivers inspiring programs and events at galleries, community organizations and schools across Durham Region engaging participants of all ages and abilities and encouraging individual artistic exploration.

In response to the current global pandemic, Chrissie pivoted quickly to online programming in the early months of 2020. By reinventing what arts programming looks like in a virtual world and embracing new technology, Chrissie has continued to engage people of all ages in the arts, not just within Ontario but now across continents! Chrissie’s personal work is often inspired by her passion for nature and includes a variety of media such as drawing, painting and printmaking.