Brian Smith demonstrates Abstract Figurative Painting

On Friday January 17, artist Brian Smith demonstrated Abstract Figurative Painting in Acrylic. The evening, attended by over 60 club members was a preliminary to the workshop given by Brian on the subsequent Saturday and Sunday. Brian painted from a live model as seen in the accompanying photos. Brian’s technique is unique in that he paints on Maidstone Paper (22 X 30) which has been coated on both sides with clear Gesso. The double coating allows the paper to lie flat while the clear Gesso contains marble dust that has the “tooth” needed for painting with acrylics. His original charcoal sketch is incorporated into the paint to achieve the original shading for the art piece.

Attendees were fascinated with Brian’s technique which he taught to club members in a sold out 2-day workshop held at the club. Workshop participants were all very pleased with what they learned and with their own results. There is so much demand from club members, that Brian has already been booked for a second workshop in the 2014/2015 season.

FridayBrianSmith1 FridayBrianSmith2

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