{Text and photos courtesy of Brent}

The first DVAC workshop of the 2014/15 year was held on Saturday and Sunday November 22 and 23, 2014. The workshop, led by Joan McGivney taught club members about an easy way to transfer photos to the canvas. The photo is incorporated into a painting such that the photo appears to be part of the painting. The workshop, organized and hosted by Larry Mcgill was very successful, and every one of the nine participants was able to generate at least 2 paintings over the weekend that they would be proud to display. We all very much enjoyed the weekend and would like to thank Larry and Viola Visnjevac for their hard work, organization and thoughtful addition of food and drinks during the weekend session.

JoanMcGivneyWorkshop1 JoanMcGivneyWorkshop3

JoanMcGivneyWorkshop4 JoanMcGivneyWorkshop2

{Text and photos courtesy of Brent}

On Friday November 14, over 50 club members attended an art talk and demonstration by Ivano Stocco. Ivano demonstrated his unique technique, turning familiar and ordinary urban scenes into very colourful landscapes. Members were fascinated as he created the final scene shown below.

FridayNightIvanoStocco2 FridayNightIvanoStocco3 FridayNightIvanoStocco4

On August 11, 16 DVAC members got together at a DVAC member’s charming and beautiful house and garden in Scarborough. The day was a special treat. Not only were there plenty of painting subjects – shrubs, trees, flowers, a shed, a pool, a bonsai nook, even a chicken topiary, but there were also the comforts of home under shady trees. This Plein Air also featured a potluck picnic, and 16 participating members meant 16 dishes, making up a groaning board. We had lots of food, lots of art, lots of fun and lots of good feelings.


On July 30, 14 DVAC Club members took a mid morning ferry trip to Ward’s Island for Plein Air painting. We had a perfect day, with lower temperatures, lots of sunshine, and multitudes of subjects to paint. We were met at the Island by volunteers from the Sunshine Centre for Seniors, who made us feel welcome and showed us great hospitality, with food, drinks and full use of the facilities. During the day they gave us a motorized guided tour of the island. The facility grounds were beautifully landscaped with lots of places to sit and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenes, and the company of each other, even if we were not painting. Attached are some photos of the outing.


{photos courtesy of Nerissa Pineda and Jeff Bowen}

Several members of the Don Valley Art Club enjoyed a productive day painting outdoors at Riverdale Farm.

pleinairjun2014-3 pleinairjun2014-4 pleinairjun2014-5 pleinairjun2014-8 pleinairjun2014-9 pleinairjun2014-11  pleinairjun2014-12

{article submitted by Brent Arlitt, photos by Brent Arlitt and Eva Johnson]

John David Anderson conducted a Plein Air painting workshop for interested members of the Don Valley Art Club on the weekend of June 7 and 8, 2014. The workshop was conducted at Sunnybrook Park on Day 1 and at Todmorden Mills on Day 2. We had perfect weather and a variety of subjects for which we attempted to capture painterly impressions. Most participants painted 3 paintings, after which, we had friendly critiques and discussions.

John emphasized the essentials of good simple composition, a range of values, complementary colours with a balanced palette to arrive at a good impressionist painting from a rapidly changing landscape, as experienced on a typical day.

All participants enjoyed the educational experience, the exchange of ideas and the social interaction that helped to further their painting capabilities.

Thanks to the members of the Workshop Committee for arranging this enjoyable outing.

JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop10  JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop8 JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop2 JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop3 JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop5   JohnDavidAndersonWorkshop

A big thank-you to the hard-working members of the art show committee, the volunteers, and the artists who contributed to the 2014 Spring Art Show and Sale.  The Show continues until May 18th.

ArtShowMay2014-3 ArtShowMay2014-2 ArtShowMay2014 ArtShowMay2014-4ArtShowMay2014-5 ArtShowMay2014-6


{submitted by Marian Ferguson}

Brian Harvey is a full-time oil painter living and working in Toronto. His paintings are studies of the commonplace and the typically mundane; everyday objects, interior spaces, and the urban landscape that surrounds him. Brian discussed his work and gave a short demonstration of his painting technique.

Brian starts with the darks first; he resists using whites at the beginning.  For his dark, he likes to use alizarin crimson and viridian green and adds solvent for the initial painting.  He is purposely messy with his initial underpainting … for a couple of reasons: i) serendipitous outcomes, and ii) so he won’t be tempted to ‘protect’ the painting.  He paints purposefully with his whole arm, not with just his hand.

BrianHarvey-1 BrianHarvey-2


{Submitted by Joanne MacLean (text) and Larry McGill (photos)}

On May 3rd and 4th a group of  DVAC members enjoyed a chance to play and experiment with materials to intuitively explore mediums,  textured papers,  shapes, composition,  colour and value.  Camille Muller took us step by step through an interesting process,  building layers of colour to produce integrated images.  We had a great day with Camille.

CamilleMuller1 CamilleMuller2 CamilleMuller3 CamilleMuller4 CamilleMuller5 CamilleMuller6 CamilleMuller7


[Contributed by Murray Durante]

Andrew Benyei gave a presentation of his sculpting work using screen images on “From Clay to Bronze”.  Then, Andrew gave a demo first hand of how a  sculpture of a bust is made using clay. A DVAC volunteer posed for the sculptor. Considering that Andrew usually takes 8 hours to sculpt a clay bust and we gave him one hour … I think he did a remarkable job!

We all learned a great deal about the the process of sculpting. Many thanks to all that attended and special thanks to Jessie Gordon and her team for arranging this great speaker.
 AndrewBenyei1 AndrewBenyei2 AndrewBenyei3