Joe Cooper at the East York Mirror has written an excellent article about our club.  It gives a history of the club and some good promotion of our upcoming Art Show at Todmorden Mills.  Read the article …

On Oct. 30th, Marta Scythes presented Perspective Drawing for Artists at Don Valley Art Club. We discussed various approaches to perspective drawing that will help us establish believable landscape, architectural, or still life compositions.

{submitted by Georgia Bowen}

 FridayNight_MartaScythes1 FridayNight_MartaScythes2

On Oct. 23, Alise Glover from Above Ground Art Supply presented educational watercolour techniques and tips using Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolour paints and mediums. We were each treated to free samples to experiment and enjoy.

{submitted by Georgia Bowen}

FridayNight_Above-Ground1 FridayNight_Above-Ground2

There was frost early in the morning, but this did not deter DVAC members Perry Chow and Sylvia LeRoy from painting in Unionville.  However, they did the right thing and had breakfast first.  By the time they finished, the weather had turned beautifully warm, and the three (by now joined by friend Janet Horowitz) proceeded to paint Toogood Pond, near the shops and restaurants of Unionville’s historic Main Street.   The Pond’s resident ducks and geese reportedly put on a show for the three painters.   Perry said, “I felt like I was watching the Discovery Channel.”   Altogether, a lovely day to spend an October day.


pleinairoc2015-1  pleinairoc2015-3

DVAC members Brent and Diane Arlitt, Perry Chow, Elizabeth Johnston, Judy McKenna, Sylvia LeRoy, Tina Papoutsis, Sandra Kerr, Liz Creswick, Kay Fujiwara, Barbara Eguchi, Georgia Bowen, Nerissa Pineda, Felicia Weinstein, FHAC member Nora MacPhail and Toronto Urban Sketcher Farid attended the Sept. 5 PA at the glorious Rosetta McClain (see Sylvia LeRoy’s paean to RM below).

Rosetta McClain Gardens: A Love Story (by Sylvia LeRoy)

Rosetta was originally bequeathed the land from her father Thomas Mc Donald West a business owner at the turn of the century.

Rosetta’s husband Robert Watson McClain and her brother Joseph McDonald’s landscaping efforts initially made the park what it is today.

Rosetta died in 1940. Robert donated the grounds to the city of Toronto in 1959 because they promised to keep the park in perpetuity in memory of Rosetta. A few years ago, Scarborough took ownership and care of the park.

The park is an ideal location for Plein Air painters, bird watchers, floraphiles and anyone looking to escape the city life for a quiet setting.

On Sat Sept 5th the Don Valley Plein Air painters found their way to this exquisite park with eye candy in every direction. There was something for the wilderness painter and the floral enthusiast. The number of tree varieties was outstanding with choices for every taste, the wild and the manicured. Shade abounded giving us lots of choice for spots. The photos online don’t lie; it is even better.

Even more…the park was not crowded, parking was close, free, available and the facilities were clean. For me it was a love story!

PASept15-3 PASept15-4  PASept15-7 PASept15-8 PASept15-9 PASept15-10

Our Spring into Summer Art Show and Sale was a great success.  A big Thank You goes out to our hard-working Show Committee volunteers and to our participating Artists.

2015 Spring Show Website Left Side NEW  Spring201515

Spring201510  Spring201513


Photos provided by Elizabeth Johnston.
Professional artist Brian Smith conducted a 2 day workshop on painting the portrait using the Zorn palette.
By utilizing this very limited palette, the decisions around colour, intensity and value become much simpler.
BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-15 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-13BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-12 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-10BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-9 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-8BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-7 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-6BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-4 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-3BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-2 BrianSmithWorkshopMarch2015-1

Photos from the wonderful Bianka Guna non-objective painting workshop.
Photos courtesy of DVAC member Eva Johnson.


biankagunaworkshop2    biankagunaworkshop4

biankagunaworkshop3   biankagunaworkshop1


Members of the Don Valley Art Club celebrated the holidays together at the Granite Brewery Pub.  It was a lovely evening of live music, prizes, good food, and excellent company.  A big thank you to the members of the party planning committee who volunteered countless hours to make this happen! Visit here to see a slideshow of the DVAC party.


{Photos courtesy of Norm and Vince}

The Don Valley Art Club’s Holiday Art Show and Sale is currently underway. The opening night on Wednesday November 19th proved to be a well-attended and lively affair.

We are all proud of our artist members’ work. Please encourage your friends and family to visit.  The final weekend is Sat Nov 28 and Sun Nov 29 (noon until 5:00 pm).

Please join me in congratulating the Art Show Committee on an amazing show – you have surpassed yourselves! Thank you for giving your time so generously for the benefit of the club.


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