Friday Night with Artist Dominique Prevost – May 5 2017

{written by Ingrid Mueller}

This Friday was filled with images of watercolour paintings by Dominique Prevost. Like most of us, her love of creating started at an early age, and she lead us through her transition of styles and experimentation that has given rise to a successful career as a watercolourist.

Dominique’s discovery of hand-made papers from Japan, France and England, has propelled her use of stains and collage.  She uses the edges of the papers to create intriguing effects and marks, taking advantage of the quality and uniqueness of the papers.

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Friday Night with Artist Nola McConnan – April 28, 2017

{Submitted by Ingrid Mueller}

Dynamic, enthusiastic, not to mention talented, Nola McConnan shared her lifelong love of painting and drawing with the DVAC Friday Night Club, and her passion for creating art was infectious.

Although Nola works with a variety of mediums, her demonstration was with watercolours. She tends to like using watercolour and coloured pencils for detail.

Although she has produced some remarkable landscapes and florals, Nola’s favourite subject is animal portraiture, especially horses.

Visit to learn more about Nola and see a great selection of her work.


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Friday Night with Artist Bill Burns

Bill Burns was the DVAC guest artist on Friday March 24.

Bill brought a number of his very impressive landscape paintings and talked about his technique. Bill uses a very limited palette and uses value to convey depth and a 3D image. Bill tries to paint the patterns he recognizes in a landscape scene and uses these patterns to convey a impressionist landscape that shows interest depth and a transcribing of how the light affects the scene.

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Friday Night with Artist Dan Murphy

{submitted by Ingrid Mueller}

On March 3, artist Dan Murphy spoke to the DVAC about his contemporary realist paintings. Influenced by the likes of Magritte, Ortega and Coorte, Dan’s work combines elements of these influences using clearly defined composition and capturing realistic representations of qualities of light. His recent visit to Holland and the Rijks Museum has inspired his quest for flawless illumination in his realist paintings.

Dan provided us with a much needed reminder of the need and importance of composition. Many of us know and use the “rule of thirds”, but Dan also stressed the use of “the golden ratio”. Study of the Great Masters have also influenced Dan to use geometrical divisions of space in his composition.



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Friday Night with Kal Honey, “Text in Art”

{Submitted by Ingrid Mueller}

On February 24, artist Kal Honey discussed the use of text in art.

A graduate of OCAD, Kal Honey has honed his skills in graphic art and has a penchant for painting, assemblage and collage. However, his eye for detail and gravitation towards graphic art has led Kal to create stunning work using typography and calligraphy.

Kal briefly covered the history of typography, stemming back to the caveman. He showed examples of text in art like ancient hieroglyphics and ancient Chinese calligraphy, explaining that the alphabet is actually a series of signs and symbols.  Classical art featured text, mostly biblical. The POP art era including Warhol, Lichtenstein and Greg Curnoe used text in their art.  Post Modern/Contemporary Art brought artists like Basquiat, Barbara Kruger and Banksy, all of whom used text in their art.

Although the use of text in modern art originated predominantly in commercial art, it has become nicely intertwined in contemporary fine art and will remain, as words carry more than literal meaning.

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